Why should you move to MS 365? Top 7 reasons

What do you know about Microsoft Offlice 365?

Well, like many others, you may claim it’s just a branch of the regular Microsoft Suite, you’re right, after all, we all have a past. But you’re wrong because MS 365 has proved to be on the fast track and with the look of things, it seems nothing can stop its consistent advancement. Gone are the days that MS 365 was just a branch or part of a suit when it was released in June of 2011. Today, MS 365 has outgrown the suit to form another independent compartment in the industry. Although this advancement isn’t just out of the blue, its incorporation with cloud-based services has also significantly contributed to its swift and galloping progress. Consequently, the suit has now paved the way for different opportunities in terms of business productivity and partnership.

Even though it’s crystal clear that businesses would benefit from jumping into this generation of Microsoft Office, what do we have? In reality, most of these companies or organizations, even the reputable ones, hesitate to take the right step. Well, it’s expected, after all, most of them fail to embrace cloud computing services that are positively related to MS 365. But, what did they fail to understand? There are lots! Do you know what? There are several tremendous benefits your business will enjoy if it’s migrated to Office 365 and bear in mind that, you may not find all the offers anywhere!

So, what are the benefits trapped in migrating to MS 365? To be realistic, there are so many of them, but out of the long list of benefits, we shall analyze the top 7 awaiting your business as you migrated to office 365.

1. It boosts your dilapidated infrastructure

The first benefit MS 365 makes available is to strengthen your overloaded infrastructure. Just as human anatomy; as we grow older, our bones tend to weaken. Similarly, as our infrastructure ages, the maintenance cost increases, and the infrastructure further depreciates. Before you know, what’s achievable with a program will now require up to three and more. But what if you migrated to office 365? Common, it’s like an anti-aging antidote; first, it will eliminate the parasite bleeding your infrastructure dry and skyrocket your business activities. Hence, you’ll be able to save your time and expenditure cost, especially, on the anti-aging weapon.

Do we even have testimonies? Hell yeah, we did! Girl Scouts of Colorado is a good example; all they did was migrated to Microsoft Office 365 and that saves them more than $100,000. If you don’t believe that, you can check it on the internet. So, what do you think you should do? Well if you ask me, I’ll say it’s high time you join the next generation of MS 365.

2. It works side by side with your old tools

If you’re looking for an infrastructure that won’t just condemn all your previous tools, MS 365 is your answer. The level at which it incorporates with your old tools is beyond comparison; they work as if they were part of the configuration. For instance, if your business’s main operation is centered on Microsoft Outlook, Publisher, Word, and more, you can rest assured! You don’t need further lessons, you’re good to go! You can now be wondering how that’s possible. Well, the possibility is actualized because office 365 is intertwined with the cloud. Truly, this feature can transform your results to a higher level

3. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on a different operating system and device.

This is another impressive gadget, a cloud-filtering apparatus to be precise, that will help you restrict your kids from checking inappropriate contents. What makes it more outstanding is that it can also be used in school settings or businesses. Unlike others, Mobicip operates on almost all the operating systems (iOS, APK, and Apple). With just a Mobicip account, you’ll be able to restrict and monitor your kid’s browser history on all the mobile devices or laptops they have access to. The only difference in its use is that only the basic feature is free; the premium package which you’ll have access to other features may cost  $39.99 per year.

4. Highly scalable

Office 365 is a stronghold that offers maximum security against cyberpunk. You can rest assured, because your properties which include documents, emails, networks, etc, are safe from these virulent animals. Do you know what? There is no partiality, that’s the level of protection given to A is the same given to B; you’re all high priorities! Besides the central defense; you’ll also have access to advanced tools to secure your files to the level that you can choose people who can have access to your files. Apart from that, you can know what is been extracted on your server, who did it, the time, and you can even reset the general permission of every person you’ve granted access to. As if that wasn’t enough, in case you find yourself in a remote area, you can still access your server remotely, and protect your files from getting exposed.

6. Maximum safety in high cloud

Since it’s highly incorporated in cloud services, that means you can always access your files anytime you desire, even in the middle of the night! The maximum protection given is even beyond comparison and what do I mean? As you’ve known, we live in a world severe disasters can occur at any time and anywhere. Even if it isn’t up to that, files or critical information kept on mobile devices or PC are not saved too, because they may develop technical break down, just the moment you need them. Other circumstances like power outages, extreme weather, etc, can also result in data loss, especially, if they are kept physically. But with MS 365 cloud storage services, your data are safe and available just anytime you needed it.

7. Guaranteed maintenance

MS 365 also offers unlimited support in case you need an assistant on almost anything on their platform. The above statement is not sugar-coated, it’s even an understatement. They guaranteed 24×7 online supports and their server is never offline. While being realistic, MS 356 has the technology that can put your business off the scale of unexpected disruptions almost every time! That’s no doubt the power to more productivity because you can always access your files even if the whole world is going down!

In a nutshell..

So, what did you think about MS 365 now? Well, if you’ve carefully gone through the above top 7 reasons to migrate to the suite, I believe nothing should stop you from doing the needful. Well, as for the big enterprises I sighted at the beginning of this article, they’ve all migrated to MS 365; so, if I’m correct, you’re the only one left to migrate. If you’ve decided to make the jump, and you needed a more insightful strategy on how to achieve your business aims and objectives, please get in touch with us today

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