Working from home

In this article, Timeless IMS want to share the best tips we’ve found to make the most of working from home for both  employees and  employers.

With the uncertainty of Covid-19 and most office workers now working from home and preferring to over going into the office. Timeless has found the best tips to make the most of working from home; so, if you’re in need of some advice, keep reading to know how to make home working more comfortable and effective from both the employee and employer’s perspectives.


Employers and business owners have the responsibility of their staff’s health and safety whether they are working from home or in the workplace. Employers should do a risk assessment and consider employee’s mental wellbeing, stress, working environment and their display screen equipment. It is vital to speak to employees though; some individuals can’t work from home for several reasons, such as mental health, wellbeing, or an inappropriate working environment at home.


As well as your employer, you too should be aware of your own health and safety as well as those around you. By working together, it will ensure everyone meets their lawful duties. It also allows you to be more focused on your productivity and efficiently, so your employment remains secure. 

A few tips to ensure you work effectively from home include: 

  • Creating a dedicated workspace,
  • Interacting with others (managers, colleagues)
  • Take scheduled breaks,
  • Stick to a routine,
  • Stay connected with your employer,
  • Keep workspace clear and organized and ensure wires, leads and cables are organized and in good condition,
  • Have adequate lighting in workspace to avoid eyestrain,
  • Voice any concerns you have – do not suffer in silence!

As a dedicated Managed Technology Provider, Timeless IMS are fully focused on being proactive to our managed clients. That is why we have developed products such as IMS – Tech: Friend Home Worker to complement our Residential and Enterprise service offerings.

To find out more about how we can help you & your business become more proactive and prevent these types of issues from happening contact us at or call us on 0800 3282852. 

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