Dealing with Business Uncertainty

“Change is the only constant and uncertainty is not far behind”

We live in an ever increasing, uncertain world and most business owners are aware, without risk there is no reward.

Change is the only constant and uncertainty is not far behind.
The biggest challenge for business leaders is how best to embrace both dynamic variables.

To survive and thrive, in today’s world, problems need to be solved at an accelerated pace with agility and clarity.


Top 5 Examples of Uncertainty our clients have faced and how Timeless IMS have solved them!

  • Unpredictable or flaky broadband
  • Insecure email systems when WFH/anywhere
  • Reputational damaging data breaches
  • Theft of goods, and protection of employees from abuse
  • Lost or corrupted data

As a business leader, do any of these seem familiar or resonate with you?

Read on to understand more and see how we have addressed
these issues for our wonderful clients.

1. Unpredictable or flaky broadband/internet connection

How do I make sure my connection won’t go down?

Being connected to the internet and your business systems is vital in today’s business world, with most organisations adopting a cloud-based model.

Our Tip:
We have recommended and installed a second broadband connection in 80% of our clients. This means if one broadband connection fails, the client can continue to do business.

Staying connected to the internet allows business communications to continue. Which means business continues without interruption. In our experience, very few businesses have considered a relatively inexpensive second broadband connection. Inexpensive compared to the cost of business disruption.

2. Insecure email systems when WFH/anywhere

How do I make sure email access stays secure?

Working from anywhere is part of today’s ‘hybrid’ working solution.
Most business users have work emails on their phones and a percentage of staff working in a hybrid model.

A hard-working employee innocuously asks a business partner to send company information to their personal Gmail account, to finalise last minute details that evening, for a next day event. 

The RED ALERT Problem
You are now reliant on:

  • Google email security
  • The strength of your employee’s Gmail password to protect this likely sensitive company data

You are highly likely to be in breach of:
GDPR, Company security protocols and policies, Client confidentiality

You are at risk of losing your client and compromising your public reputation.

Our Tip:

Have protocols and practices in place to safeguard both parties’ data and raise awareness with your employees that this unacceptable, compromising practice.

To make sure email integrity is preserved, the technology solution we install is: IMS Cloud – Enhanced 365 Security, which includes Multifactor Authentication across our email platforms to secure access on mobile and office devices.

We also subscribe our clients to:
IMS Security – DarkWeb, which monitors their domains and informs us if any email has had its passwords compromised.

3. Reputationally managing breaches at any moment

As you have no doubt read in the press, this is a frequent occurrence. Any data breaches need to be reported to the International Compliance Office (ICO) by law.

I’m sure we don’t need to highlight how damaging this is to a business’ reputation.

Our Tip:

To make sure an office network is secure and constantly protected, we install: IMS Security – Network Firewall, which constantly monitors and protects the network incoming and outgoing traffic.
(We think of it as the drawbridge to the business castle)

Protecting the network is critical to most organisations and any breaches to the systems can result in business-critical data loss.

4. Theft of goods and protection of employees from abuse

Unfortunately, this occurs more frequently than any leadership team would like.  Whilst HR policies protect employees and the business, our clients find it is very useful to keep a secure video record, so any incidents are automatically recorded for
everyone’s safety. Thereby protecting staff and goods.

Our Tip:

Video surveillance is especially important for our retail and high-profile business location clients.
Using our IMS Security – CCTV suite solution, we install high quality cameras that
store the data in the cloud, providing very useful features to analyse and share the data seamlessly.

It is the only way you can guarantee the footage will be stored for the desired period, for insurance and compliance purposes.

5. Lost or corrupted Data

Business data is critical to the business and whilst it is secure, it is also vital that all important client data is reliably backed up to a trusted place and if an incident occurs, there are pre-defined protocols to recover it.

Our Tip:

We have recommended and installed the following to address this challenge for our
clients. Data is backed up and secured either locally or in the cloud using:
IMS Cloud– Managed 365 Secure backup, IMS Cloud – Online Backup solutions. We provide constant backup solutions for
Microsoft 365 and data, stored locally or in cloud solutions.

We give clients confidence, that in the event of a disaster, we can recover data and solutions in both a frictionless and
seamless way. We do this through a trusted and proven process with minimum, and otherwise costly, disruption to business operations.

In summary

The last three pandemic and post-pandemic years have shown us that we can work from anywhere, and technology has helped play a large part in addressing the challenges of uncertainty and change.

As always, the answer is in the preparation and planning.
With no contingency plans, business life is definitely a roller coaster

Technology is an enabler to make your business as strong and resilient as it can be and to reduce uncertainty as much as is possible.

In today’s world, the reality is, if technology isn’t part of an actively considered business plan, it’s sadly unlikely the business will survive, let alone thrive.

To continue the conversation and find out how:

  • To be as prepared as possible for uncertainty, change and as yet unknown future challenges.
  • Not just survive but thrive


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