How Cloud CCTV Can Support Your Business

How Cloud CCTV Can Support Your Business

As organisations continue to embrace the advantages of cloud-based solutions for their critical business operations; such as email, phone, and backup services, it’s only natural to extend these benefits to their surveillance systems. Moving an on-premise surveillance system to a cloud system offers increased flexibility, cybersecurity, and control, even in low bandwidth environments. Moreover, upgrading to a cloud video surveillance system is easier and more affordable than organisations think, especially when compared to the cost of replacing their existing system with a new on-premises system. 

Even when the transition to cloud can seem like a large investment, true cloud video surveillance systems provide owners, managers, and security personnel with a centralised monitoring system, as simple as an app on their mobile phone, to access a recorded livestream of any activity happening on your premise, in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Allowing your management team to detect issues before it results in liabilities. Each camera can also provide alerts and analytics. For example, when restricted areas are accessed, cameras with Line Crossing, Intrusion Detection, or Camera Tampering analytics will provide alerts on the intrusion. In these cases, where attempted burglary or authorised access occurs, administrators also have the option to pre-designate first responders who can receive immediate real-time security camera access during emergency situations. 

In a recent survey, more than 68% of prospective video surveillance customers wanted to improve their business operations according to an Eagle Eye Networks survey. So how can Cloud CCTV support your business? 
One example of Cloud CCTV supporting your business operations comes in the use case of a Gym or leisure centre. One recent customer, a local owner of a fitness club was looking for a solution that allowed him to remotely monitor his employees to ensure they were arriving on time, greeting every guest, and maintaining the cleanliness of each branch, without having to spend large amounts of time and money travelling to each site. After switching to cloud CCTV, he is now able to check on his locations remotely and can now view any of his branches, from anywhere in the world, from his mobile or laptop.  

Another use case of cloud CCTV is within the restaurant industry. Deploying CCTV within your restaurant can help manage your operations by ensuring that your employees are upholding health standards while creating a comfortable atmosphere for customers. Have you ever wondered exactly how many customers enter your restaurant each week? Do you know peak times for traffic, and how they vary each day? With People Counting, restaurant owners can easily document how many customers enter and exit each location, and at which time. This information makes it easy to monitor traffic flow and patterns that are crucial to the operations of your business. 

No matter your specialised sector, every business can benefit from moving to a cloud CCTV system. Not only will this provide a secure and remote solution to monitor your facilities and spaces in real-time, it provides your business with ease of access to any livestream across your premise with an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app that anyone in your team can view. Learn more about our CCTV solutions today, contact our sales team by emailing 

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