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FAQ's about Timeless IMS and our services:

Timeless IMS are an award winning MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) that has established itself over the past fifteen years as a leader of preventative technology support services for many business clients. 

With a focus on innovation and award-winning customer service, Timeless IMS have developed several innovative security solutions to provide layered, proactive protection against cyber threats rather than focus on reactive, remedial services as adopted by many within the IT industry.

As technology is an essential part of any organisation’s success, Timeless IMS aims to understand and identify their clients’ needs across all aspects of their business and provide bespoke innovative solutions and products, which allows their clients to flourish and focus on success.

We provide comprehensive and layered security models and technology services to protect and secure your business. With our award winning customer service, we provide your business and employees with the support they need to improve their productivity and efficiency with our UK based technology helpdesk. 

Our services are split into 4 main categories:

IMS CLOUD – Backup, website management, telephony, internet and wireless connectivity solutions. 

IMS SECURITY – Access control, CCTV and Security Software

IMS PEOPLE – Technology Support Services, Device Purchasing and Consultancy.

IMS INTELLIGENCE – Bespoke Developments, AI, Analytics, Machine learning. 

Under our IMS People line of services, Tech:Friend is your active support package. Perfect for businesses or residential clients.  Tech:Friend includes daily access to our UK based technology help desk, our business grade security software, our proactive remote support tools tool and our monthly client newsletter filled with useful articles on the latest news and technology insights.

Once you device passes our audit process, onboarding can take up to one hour. Onboarding for more complex business networks can take up to three days based on the services purchased.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and requirements and identify where changes can be made to deliver technology solutions that work across the whole of your business. Our testimonials and awards demonstrate our ethos and the DNA that flows within our business. Our bespoke approach in working with clients that align with us is paramount.

In short you have complete control .Our services do not take control of your business; they only aid your processes to increase productivity and provide peace of mind.

We endeavour to respond to your issue within 4 hours (maximum 8 hours) from the time your message or support ticket was recorded with us, during our support times of 7am – 7pm. Everyday, excluding Christmas day.

Timeless IMS are Cyber Essentials Plus certified. A cybersecurity scheme backed by the government which assures clients that we have been strictly audited and hold the correct protection again cyber security threats. We are also WatchGuard gold partners, Eagle Eye and Brivo certified, which are additional certifications through our partners that demonstrate we have the correct knowledge and processes to sell and integrate their products. 

Residential contracts for our Techfriend service are for 12 months, where as our business service contracts expire after 3 years.
Cancellation fees apply if services are cancelled before the contract expires.

Our security systems operate 24 x 7 in the background on your devices and networks. If issues are found that cannot be resolved automatically, they will automatically create a help desk support ticket to our system. This is then reviewed by one of our engineers within 4 hours of ticket creation (,when within contracted hours,) who will login to your device and assist you as needed. We also follow up all support calls with automation and our small projects with courtesy calls to provide a full 360 experience to our contracted clients.

Timeless IMS provide IT Support, Internet Connections as well as physical and system security technology services to protect your business from real-time cybersecurity threats and crime. We create bespoke solutions and products to streamline your business processes and manage all of your technology within your business to provide you and your employees with the peace of mind that your technology is right first time. 

Our services are packaged through 4 categories: IMS People, IMS Security, IMS Intelligence and IMS Cloud. Within these services, we have our main line of services, Passport and Tech:Friend.

Technical FAQ's:

Please refer to our FAQ “How can I secure my account?”/
If these steps are taken and verified then the answer is Yes.
Always check your companies policies on data storage/usage first, as storing sensitive company data on personal devices is normally prohibited for data protection and GDPR purposes. 

Our recommendation to all of our supported, contracted clients is to upgrade existing devices to high quality SSD’s or make sure that new devices are fitted with SSD’s as standard. SSD’s will make your device operate much faster when compared to traditional hard drives. SSD’s are also more durable than HDD’s due to no moving parts which can commonly fail in drops and falls.

Yes, ejecting a USB device that contains any data should be ejected before removing. without ejecting some processes may still be running in the background which can cause corruption or data loss when unplugged. 

Yes, all of you favourite Microsoft apps can be downloaded from the app store for free. This allows you to view any Documents created in Microsoft Office. A Microsoft 365 subscription is required to edit or create documents. 

We recommend a minimum of 8 characters containing a mixture of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Symbols. Strong passwords should not contain your name or any special dates such as birthdays. For best results, we recommend using a random password generator and a secure digital password manager to manage your passwords. Contact to our team if you have any questions on these services.

By default, most recently deleted items can be found in the Recycle Bin of your device (usually found on the desktop). If the file cannot be found in the Recycle Bin, we would recommend bringing the device in for a deep scan to retrieve the file(s). The quicker the device is brought in and the less the device is used, the higher the chance of retrieval.

The first step to a secure account is a strong password (see password question above). No two passwords should ever match. We would also strongly recommend enabling Multi Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) on all accounts available. Our MFA solution is part of our unique passport product, which is a selection of highly specialised security software to protect your business. 

Computers can become slow for many reasons. The most common causes for slow devices are hardware failures or malware/virus issues. If you are experiencing any pop-ups, errors or strange noises alongside the slowness, we would recommend the device to be dropped into our Tech team ASAP. 

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