Sometimes the IT function is a totally thankless task. As a world we are so totally reliant on our IT infrastructure that when there is an issue it creates high stress levels and even panic. IT support is not only about fixing your problems whilst keeping calm, it is also about making the correct infrastructure decisions both for efficiency and disaster recovery. We have been a customer of Timeless IMS, pretty much since they first started, which is about 15 years. I have never had a thought about moving providers. I complain about costs just like everyone else and in all honesty often undervalue the worth of IT support and advice. On occasion we take advice on what is completely essential to have, but it normally transpires that it’s the best money we’ve spent on the balance sheet as it keeps the engine moving.
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Nick Adams, MD
JO Group
We have partnered with Timeless IMS as our technology provider for over fifteen years. In that we have seen them grow and flourish as a business and have become our out sourced IT department. They are responsive to any issues we have and go the extra distance to make sure that they are solved as quickly as possible, and more importantly they are pro-active in their suggestions to keep us relevant and current from both an operational and IT perspective. The interaction with their team is always positive, friendly and helpful.
IT Service for Small Business, IT Services Surrey
Doug Stewart, MD
Nuncio International Ltd
I had slow Wi-Fi in my office at home, which was just about manageable before homeworking became permanent, but a big issue now. I called Timeless IMS for advice. They quickly suggested a solution at a great price that was simple to set up and I got a new superfast Internet connection the next day. Great service from the experts!
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John Rose, Director
HR Department: Staines-Upon-Thames
Having worked with Timeless IMS for many years I cannot speak highly enough of their professional, can-do attitude. Vinyl Factory Manufacturing Ltd has benefitted on many occasions from Timeless' pro-active approach to problem-solving, faultless customer service and seemingly never-ending product knowledge. Our company has grown rapidly over the past 5 years or so and Timeless IMS has been alongside us all the way and their contribution cannot be understated.
IT Service for Small Business, IT Services Surrey
Adam Teskey, Director
Vinyl Factory Manufacturing Ltd
Friendly staff, a helpful attitude and the IT team my business depends on. IT is not one of my strengths so I am happy to pay to have a local expert.
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Greg Neall, MD
Wake up your Wealth Ltd