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Timeless IMS: replacing the reactive with the proactive

A recent client of ours, based in Ashford, Surrey, is an airline catering supplier that delivers the finest ingredients from around the globe. Big hitters in the airline industry that rely on the company include Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and Qantas. In the fast-moving world of airline catering, the organisation’s clients need ingredients and supplies on-demand and in a hurry. With frozen and chilled items, time is of the essence.

When the company’s people approached us, they had a huge problem: they were losing clients, business and money when IT problems arose. Periods of total non-trading, due to inferior technology, were in abundance. They had an IT company that only provided them with reactive IT support. A problem would arise, our client’s staff would report it, and their IT company would try to fix it. By that time, they had lost revenue and faced hefty fines from airlines.

They needed our pro-activity rather than the reactivity of old. We can spot and prevent problems before they happen — and that’s what sets us apart.

What was also missing from their former IT provider was the ability to understand their niche. They needed a vision of the technology best suited to plan, develop, and grow their business. We focused on what was critical to our client. We looked at which areas of technology needed support, investment, and modernisation.

The server always has been and always will be, the most critical IT function of any business. It’s the primary piece of technology that stores everything. If your server isn’t working, then your business isn’t working. In days gone by, you would have a server in your office, and would use the Internet to connect to the outside world. Our client’s staff were having many problems with their server, and the IT company they used couldn’t maintain it. Our first task was to figure out what was wrong with the server and then come up with a solution.

We took our client’s main server — a piece of tin in their office — and built a hybrid cloud. We did this using public and private cloud services. The cloud never goes down. This allowed our client to expand to multiple sites around the country without needing a server in each premises. Every office and employee can now talk to the server in the cloud. Connectivity to the outside world via the Internet has also become one of the most crucial elements within businesses. By upgrading our client’s previously unsuitable Internet connections to the latest high-speed dedicated fibre technology, offices run more efficiently.

The tech we have implemented and the services we deliver have enabled the company’s staff to work remotely with secure and controlled access.

Our client now has a protected, centralised system in the form of:

• a hybrid cloud-based server infrastructure

• a dedicated MPLS wide area network made up of a fibre leased line, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), and cellular 4G Ethernet technologies

• our fully managed WatchGuard Cyber Security solution for small to medium businesses securing the network and all user endpoints

• operating all new premises across the UK seamlessly — 24/7/365

• knowing all mobile user devices are secure when employees are working remotely, outside of the network

• our cloud-based CCTV, providing safe knowledge that all recordings are secure in the cloud and ensuring nothing could be tampered with or missed — unlike previous onsite recorders that can run out of disk space or fail

By delivering the right technology, we have:

• helped our client increase turnover by over 40% during seven years

• provided continued productivity without the fear of downtime

• increased efficiency throughout the business, including a reduction in the order processing time: an average 37 minutes

By providing ongoing business intelligence, we can support and deliver a return on investment through the solutions we implement 

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