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Joined by well-respected industry leaders, Business Heads Together is an opportunity to discuss what tools and technologies business owners are using to develop their businesses. 

A guest speaker joins every meeting to share their thoughts on a topic, which is then debated amongst attendees.

Our founder's Thoughts..

"Change is the only constant and uncertainty is not far behind"

“We started Business Heads Together, back in 2021, with the idea of bringing together business leaders and give them the opportunity to discuss relevant topics, share their own problems and solutions, find common ground and kindred support. The biggest challenge for business leaders is how best to embrace the challenges we face around business uncertainty and how to evolve in business to survive and thrive.”

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Business Heads Together Series

5 Videos

Henry McNeill

MD and Principal Consultant at Computerbright Ltd & Strategy Execution Mentor,
Henry, joined by Dave Sleet, discussed the ins and outs and importance of business resilience. We also discussed the issues people have been coming across within their new hybrid working models, as well as where to begin with a business resilience plan.

Dave Sleet

MD of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation, Author, turned Freelance International Speaker. Dave, joined by Henry McNeill, discussed the importance of employee mental wellbeing and ways to manage it effectively and how to remain resilient in these unprecedented times.

Gus Saggu

NED & Board Adviser, Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Gus Saggu joined us for the third instalment of Business Heads Together along with other business leaders to discuss the effect of Covid-19 on businesses, but especially the effect of the furlough scheme and what issues might arise due to the ending of furlough.

Janet Letherland

Manager of the Treaty Shopping Centre in Hounslow
Janet joined us to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on businesses but mainly the effect the pandemic had on the concept of High Street shopping. Janet and many other business leaders joined us in discussing Is the High Street Dead?

Kwasi Kwarteng

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Kwasi Kwarteng kickstarted the Business Heads Together Series by discussing the last 15 months challenges for businesses and how the effects of COVID-19 has impacted the business world and the overall effect of Brexit.

Cliff Crown

Cliff was our guest speaker for our largest virtual Business Heads Together event ever! With over 50 participants, Cliff discussed the differences he has experienced between running a ‘regular’ business and a football club; as well as how and why he adopted an ‘analytics-led approach’ which led to his business success. Cliff’s discussion will be available soon.

We also continue our discussions in both of our LinkedIn and Facebook groups, which you can find here:

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