Be careful on social media; holiday photos tell fraudsters you’re away

Whilst most of us engage in some form of social media, Identity theft is still the easiest way to gain access to your personal information. We also see frequent incidents of identity theft for shorter periods when people are away or on holiday.

So, at the current time of writing, COVID-19 restrictions have been removed across the United Kingdom and other countries around the world are doing the same.

This short article provides some information you can apply to limit identity theft or breaches to your personal information as you look forward to a well-deserved break or holiday.


Book your holiday from a reliable agency

Make sure you use an agency or provider that has security around your personal information. Ensure you make payments via secure methods such as a personal credit card and holidays are ABTA and ATOL protected.

Inform your bank of your movement or plans

Contact your bank and inform them of the time you will be away.
This can avoid bank triggers when spending from other locations, but it also makes them aware to flag any unusual activities that may be requested from your bank.

Trick everyone into believing you are still at home

You should arrange for someone you trust, to constantly empty your mail so that sensitive information is not left in your mailbox. Some people have embraced technology by using video (doorbells, cameras) etc. to monitor deliveries, movements in the property perimeter.

Protect your phone with a password

Most modern mobile phones have various methods of protection. However, not everyone uses more than one on their mobile. As we use contactless payments more frequently and we can access our banking on our mobiles, it is very important to keep them secure.

Avoid posting your holiday pictures on social media

Social media users around the globe are estimated to be about 4.20 billion, and growing, which is almost 53% of the world population. However, social media accounts are frequently compromised and hacked. Posting holiday plans & pictures can also be seen as inviting strangers into your home and that normally leads to some compromise.

The Holiday

Your passport

Passports hold key information on your identity and are recognized worldwide. Consider handing over your passport very carefully. If your identity is copied or stolen, they may use the information then, store it for a later compromise or even sell the data on the Dark Web.

Utilize the hotel security system

Most hotels have a secure safe in your room. How many holiday makers use the Safe in the room to store sensitive documents, money, or valuable property?

Be vigilant if you use your debit or credit card

On holiday you will probably be making contactless card payments.

Do you get notifications on your mobile phone when making payments? Credit card cloning is an art, so be vigilant and make sure you always have sight of your card.

Trick everyone into believing you are still at home

Secure wireless is a speciality at Timeless IMS.

It is not recommended that you connect with any public networks or computers simply because you want to take advantage of it being free. Therefore, before joining a wireless network, ensure you confirm that they are secure and avoid open networks at all costs.

Post Holiday

Check your receipts

Cross-check all the credit and debit card receipts with your bank statements to check to see any unusual activity. As more transactions are done online or by contactless someone may have made unauthorized purchases that are not reflected on the receipts.

Check your credit report

As credit report checking becomes more popular by mobile applications, you should also check your next credit report to see if someone had attempted or even successfully taken out a loan or any form of credit in your name that you do not know about.


Prevention is always better than trying to resolve an identity or financial theft afterwards.

Looking after your technology
is very important to preserving your identity. At Timeless IMS we look after your tech and provide clear advice. Our clients rely on our advice, and we always remind them about the identity theft topic. If someone has had their personal information stolen it can make the security services we provide them vulnerable. In business, stealing someone’s identity is the easiest way to breach company systems.

As your trusted provider, Timeless IMS aim to accelerate our client’s business growth. If you believe your current provider is not assisting your business to fulfil its potential then talk to us.

Our aim is to keep you and your business Safe – Secure – Running – Growing.

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