New Scam Alert – Fraudsters Pretend To Be Your Boss

If you received an email from your colleague or your boss, you probably wouldn’t question if it is a genuine message or not. Why would you? Especially if it asks you to take an urgent and business critical action.

This is how the new scam works, by tricking employees to make payments to fraudsters, although they think they are just following their senior colleague’s instructions.

Impersonation scams are on the rise. Fraudsters are calling businesses and pretending to be us or other trustworthy companies to make their scams seem believable.

They might ask or try to manipulate you into:

  • Downloading software onto your phone or computer
  • Sharing your bank security codes
  • Transferring money out of your accounts because your account is at risk
  • Transferring money to one of your existing contacts – they’ll then try to trick this person into transferring the money into the fraudster’s account

Scam calls, texts and emails often seem genuine

Fraudsters can fake phone numbers, so it looks like a trusted person is calling you. They often sound very convincing and might even know some details about you, your accounts or how our payment systems work.

Fraudsters don’t only pretend to be your boss, they could claim to be someone else you trust, like your internet provider, the police, the council, or any other figure of authority

How to protect yourself

Always be wary of unexpected calls, texts and emails.

Share this information with your friends and employees too as anyone can be targeted by fraudsters.

If you’re asked to by a text, email or caller, never:

  • Download software
  • Give control of your computer to someone else
  • Give away any Online Banking, mobile or other passcodes
  • Click a link in an unexpected email or text – including those that seem to be from us, delivery companies or the NHS
  • Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date, there are also some practical procedures any person, business or organisation can adopt to protect against email scams. Here are a few provided by Financial Fraud Action UK
  • If you get a call, text or email that asks you do something, contact the company using details from a trusted source, like their official website

For more informtation

You can find more information online about other scams targeting businesses and the awareness training we can offer your employees, by contacting us on 0800 328 2852

Our Clients Are In Safe Hands

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