Tecadec Portable Foldup Work Desk

Tecadec Pro – Office Anywhere

Take your high performance office anywhere with Tecadec’s rapid setup and packdown.

Tecadec’s compact flexible deployment is designed to incorporate a built-in 27in monitor. The monitor is well-protected in packdown mode and is adjustable for height and angle in setup mode.

Tecadec has a fully adjustable laptop mount with a security band; a multi-functional tray and a utility bag for keyboard-mouse, chargers etc. Tecadec has wheels which can be fixed ON for convenient handling or fixed IN for check-in.

To customise your Tecadec for you or your brand, order a consultation below or learn more here

** Order is for desk and accessory bag only. Monitor, Laptop and chair are for reference only.

**To receive your order in time for Christmas, please purchase before the 18th of December 2023.


£0.00£399.60 inc VAT

£399.60 inc VAT
£0.00 inc VAT
£390.00 inc VAT

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