Two-Tone Tecadec Limited Edition

Tecadec Pro – Office Anywhere

Make a visual impact with our limited edition two tone tecadec, the stylish office anywhere desk, to allow you to work anywhere in style!

Take your high performance office anywhere with Tecadec’s rapid setup and packdown. Your very own portable desk.

The Tecadec’s compact, flexible deployment is designed to incorporate a built-in 27in monitor which is well-protected in packdown mode and is adjustable for height and angle in setup mode.

Tecadec has a fully adjustable laptop mount with a security band; a multi-functional tray and a utility bag for keyboard-mouse, chargers etc. Tecadec has wheels which can be fixed ON for convenient handling or fixed IN for check-in.

** Order is for desk and accessory bag only in our two-tone design. Monitor, Laptop and screens are for reference only.

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£1,149.80 inc VAT


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