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What makes a good Technology Support Engineer?

Often when people consider working in the IT sector, it seems like application gaming or programming skills and the appropriate technical training are the most important aspects of finding a good position. 

While those proficiencies will be relevant and critical, whether you aim to work within a Helpdesk on infrastructure or in development on the application side, your customer service skills will mean you have additional value to potential employers. In fact, by honing your soft skills, you will significantly improve your chances of a role in the marketplace today.

It is your personal attributes that will shape your career and enable you to interact effectively, proactively and successfully throughout your career.

IT engineers that can communicate well and can help people understand and use technology are great for productivity and morale.

An engineer in the managed technology space knows when to talk and when to listen. If you can listen to people’s needs and frustrations, you will be better equipped to identify issues and solve them. Communication skills are also critical for explaining technical concepts and issues to non-technical clients.

Helping clients to understand, solve, and prevent their own technical issues are very important to an engineer’s skill set. Naturally, if you can put yourself in someone else’s position, you will be in a better position to help them. 

The need for IT engineers who can communicate with others, lead effectively, and collaborate are arguably the skills that help you get the career you desire and advance more quickly.

So it is becoming more common for businesses to have IT engineers that are not only well-trained, but also have empathy and compassion for people who are stressed and dealing with challenging situations. It is not just your qualifications that make you successful.

Your technical experience and qualifications will speak for themselves, but in your role within the business the development of your soft skills and demonstrating that you are patient, self-motivated, and friendly will make you a desirable asset. Prospective employers look for employees who are naturally detail-oriented and personable.

In most technical roles you will be expected to work well in a team, so it will be beneficial to practice active listening. This means waiting until someone has finished speaking before asking a question. Pay attention to the body language of others and be fully involved in the communication process. ‘There is no i in team.’

There are many opportunities for anyone looking for work as an IT support technician, engineer, or technical project manager in the marketplace today and at Timeless IMS we are hiring, so if you believe you have the right mindset and skills to work within this industry, get in touch to find out more about the possible positions we are currently hiring for.

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