Are you ready for the end of ISDN?

BT to stop selling ISDN by 2025

BT has announced that they will stop selling ISDN services from 2020 with a target date of 2025 to switch off the old legacy network.

In acknowledgment that technology is evolving and that communications has changed to IP (Internet Protocol), which is the next best step for every business. So they wont be investing in old technology that doesn’t enhance business anymore.

What if I still have ISDN?
Don’t worry the timeline in place is sufficient time for every business to make the switch over. If you have 6 months to a year left on your current telephony contract now is the best time to start exploring alternatives.

What are my options?

You have two options:

Hosted VoIP – A cloud-based solution best suited for start-ups and small to medium businesses. With no extra maintenance costs this is the ideal flexible solution that provides a host of features and has ability to scaleup when needed.

SIP – SIP Trunks are best suited to larger businesses with on-premise systems and will use virtual phone lines instead of physical wires. SIP is more cost effective for a lot of users but has maintenance implications to think about.

In comparison to ISDN both are very flexible solutions that allow you to have multiple different numbers and the locations you have them in. They are both fast and easy to install, offer a solid solution with robust connectivity and both are more cost effective in the long run than ISDN ever was.

Is it easy to migrate?
Yes, it is. With the right provider like Timeless IMS you’ll be able to port and retain your numbers easily and pending on a few factors like number of sites for example you can be up and running in 2-4 weeks.

Ok, what do I do next?
There are various considerations you’ll need to make when investigating migration to IP telephony from: type of platform, planning number of lines, checking current internet connection, handset requirement, setup, number porting, testing, network security and disaster recovery but these are all things that the cloud telephony experts at Timeless IMS can help you with.

Get in touch with us now via the links below and we will happily provide you up to one hour of free telephone consultancy at anytime!

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