Clean Technology

What is clean technology?

In its simplest form it is lowering the overall carbon footprint of an operation by reducing the power (energy) that is needed to sustain it.

So, focusing on technology, examples of this include power-saving hardware features to reduce high energy consumption of equipment that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reviewing how we source the energy needed to maintain our business workstations and servers, and other integral parts of a business tech infrastructure. Looking closer at renewable energy projects and the potential to adopt solar or hydro-power energy sources. 

Clean technology will continue to be an important issue as businesses focus on the costs of high energy consumption to operate their technical infrastructures.

But what else can we all do today to create an environmentally friendly office and more mindful workplace with some lower cost implications?

Here’s 5 quick wins to help any office become more environmentally friendly:

  1. Recycling: ok the first one is an easy one and whilst we have offices with multiple different coloured bins for office paper, card and plastic waste in the printing room does every office do the same in the break room. Do you and your colleagues separate your rubbish out at lunch and break times and dispose of the waste correctly? It’s an easy win with huge impact!
  2. Printers: you can reduce the numbers of printers in your office, less printers mean people are going to become less likely to print. But if you have a department that requires heavy printing then introduce a digital document management system and provide them with pdf editors and other tools that can easily convert them into printing less.
  3. Fax machines: hopefully none of you still have one of these today but you’d be surprised to hear that they are still out there and some companies just can’t seem to make the transition to a fax-2-email solution. Nowadays it comes as standard as part of any solid VoIP telephony platform and brings financial savings as well as environmental benefits.
  4. Digital signature policy: There are many e-signature tools available out there now so there’s no reason to require a wet signature anymore. Save the space and resources with a simple digital solution.
  5. Packaging: if you’re an e-commerce business consider eco-friendly packaging made of 100% recycled content. Then encourage your customers to re-use the packaging for any returns they have. It’s a great way for your brand to be recognised as a mindful and environmentally conscious organisation.


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