Cost effective alternative to fibre and leased lines

Why use alternatives to fibre and leased lines?

With a growing dependency on cloud based services for employee productivity, communications and collaboration, sales order management, customer relationship management, and payment processing, the importance of fast broadband cannot be underestimated.

Many businesses believe that Fibre to the Premises or a leased line are the only way to achieve better broadband.  However, with excess construction charges rising to as much as £73,000, problems obtaining wayleaves, and long delays, they can be beyond the reach of many businesses. For businesses requiring two completely independent connections for business continuity, they can be simply impractical.

Our FIBRE ALTERNATIVE uses both cellular and fixed connections to provide a cost effective, low latency, resilient alternative to fibre or a leased line, backed by an extensive Service Level Agreement.

  • Cellular connection, used as primary
  • VoIP
  • Internet
  • IP Transit


The hot failover technology built into CloudcellEQ means your business stays
connected, in the event of a network outage or the loss of a link, maximising broadband up


CloudcellEQ is provided as a fully managed service, backed by our extensive Service Level Agreement. 


A fibre alternative that scale for any size business, in any location. Choose the
router most suited to your user, throughput, and application requirements. 


All installations are performed, rapidly, by a fully qualified
engineer. We will consult with you extensively on the best position for your CloudcellEQ


EQboost, EQtitan and EQmax provide enhanced throughput
by combining the speed and bandwidth of multiple connections, through a VPN, to create
a single, jitter-free data stream.

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