What is Multi-factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an essential solution to protect user identity, Cloud applications, networks, and company data.

If you are focusing on enabling a more sophisticated security approach, then you are already thinking about what it takes to be zero-trust ready. If that is the case, risk authentication is a must-have in your MFA framework.

Four Reasons Your Business Should Enable Risk Authentication Policies:


Advanced security for remote access

Authentication policies can help optimize security, especially for remote employees, since they are accessing company data and networks from multiple locations.

Now that remote working has significantly increased, the use of Cloud services and platform as a service, which are key scenarios where having risk policies enabled can ensure allowing access only to authorised users, as well as detecting any unauthorised attempts.

Frictionless user experience

Risk-based authentication also improves user experience by removing extra authentication when enough security is verified. For example, if a user is accessing a resource from a known safe location, they will not have to use MFA.


Better at protecting resources

Risk-based authentication allows you to rank the resources you want to protect based on the level of risk and the type of user who needs to access them.


A step towards zero-trust adoption

One of the principles of the zero-trust approach is “Identifying Users and Devices.” The connection is obvious: MFA is the cornerstone for zero-trust implementation in that it provides the security structure for user and identity management and continuous authentication for any user to any resource.

Without risk policies in place, your company would need to enable the most secure authentication method at all times, for all users, potentially causing user friction for some segments.

Risk authentication is a way to modernise your strategy by using the precise amount of security with customised risk protection that improves your ability to detect and respond to threats.

Timeless IMS’ are honoured to have won the award for Best IT & Cyber Security Outsourcing Specialist – UK, by Corporate Vision


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