Protect your business from cyber-crime

Is cyber-crime a threat to your business? Let’s take a look at the facts

Cyber-crime has rapidly developed into one of the greatest threats, affecting organisations across the world. Chamber Patron Timeless IMS Technology Roadmap can protect your business.

Businesses in the UK each faced approximately 687,000 attempts, on average, to breach their systems online in 2020.  This significant rise can be chiefly attributed to COVID 19, as well as the massive shift to remote working.

An estimated 65,000 attacks are carried out on UK SMEs every day resulting in 4,500 breaches.

SME’s are simply easier to penetrate. They are the most likely targets of hackers — all while SME owners are incorrectly assuming that they have nothing worth taking.  

Cybercriminals recognise that many SME owners who believe that they are not worthy of an attack will not have invested in cybersecurity. Hackers will know that most SMEs do not have an in-house IT department. 

SMEs often only have the resources for one in-house or one external IT professional to call upon — with the likelihood being that they are not specialised in cybersecurity. They may also have a whole host of other clients with other problems — with their focus not solely on your business.

Businesses faced a 20% rise in cyber security threats last year versus 2019, with the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, serving as the catalyst for a year of increased efforts to infiltrate corporate networks.

Cybercriminals are taking data, which they will lockdown with a crypto locker that requires a sophisticated algorithm to break. Businesses have even been held to ransom: bitcoin for your data.  

Another ploy popular with cybercriminals has been coined as ‘social engineering‘. By using spyware, criminals will sit in your network and watch you for as long as it takes. They will study how you talk, pay run dates, and timings and routines.

Then, hacking into your email account, and sending an invoice from your email address, becomes easy. Bank details will be changed and go unnoticed by accounts teams that will seldom check details if paying a regular customer. All of your hard-earned money goes straight to a hacker’s account.

More and more companies are now seeking cyber insurance to help protect themselves. While insurance companies are beginning to offer this type of cover, there is a requirement for the correct cybersecurity technology to be in place, plus other factors, before a cyber insurance policy is granted.

We have been talking to our insurance industry clients. They have helped us compile a list of the requirements insurance companies will need evidence of to secure a policy — and we will get you there.

Timeless IMS is a managed security service provider (MSSP) and IT industry expert.

We can implement our cybersecurity technology stack to ensure your business will meet the requirements to:

  • secure cyber insurance
  • deliver protection that will offer the same level of security to your business and its users, who are working on-site and remotely — 24/7/365
  • constantly trawl the dark web — a hotbed for cyber criminals — to anticipate and repel the newest attacks, while also searching for the sale of your data

Timeless IMS’ are honoured to have won the award for Best IT & Cyber Security Outsourcing Specialist – UK, by Corporate Vision

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