Microsoft partner status

We’re proud to have partner status in Microsoft’s Partner Network. Portal have been providing Microsoft-related products, software and solutions since its inception and achieving competency at this level means we’re officially doing an outstanding job of proving our capability, expertise, and commitment in this area.

What does this mean for you, our esteemed client?

Being a Microsoft Certified Partner has a wide range of technical benefits which includes access to signature cloud services and support. This means we are even more equipped (and supported by Microsoft) to offer you the best in cloud hosting and IT services for your company.

At each level of the Microsoft partnership, the Portal team is increasing its expertise in Cloud Solutions competency and finding even better ways to support our clients and maximise your business growth and profits.

We’re taking care of you

Portal as a Microsoft Partner means you can rest easy knowing your networks and IT assets are in good hands, and with a direct line to Microsoft we can deliver the IT strategy you need across public, private, and hybrid cloud and offer you reliable and cost effective IT management and support.

We’ve had to fulfil a long list of requirements to reach this status which includes testing, certification, reference building and surveys, and we’re honoured to be considered amongst the best when it comes to Cloud Solutions and

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