Royal Mail Scams

In this article, we want to show you what these scams may look like to customers and ways to report suspicious emails or texts.

Criminals have been using texts and emails to pretend to be Royal Mail and scamming individuals.

Royal Mail have warned customers about these scam texts and have asked customers to remain vigilant and not to click on any links sent in these texts or enter or send any personal details.

You can report suspicious texts and emails and they will be investigated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). You can also forward scam texts to 7726.

Below are some examples of the Royal Mail (fraud) texts people have received before and information about the fraud. 

  • “Your package needs to be rescheduled” – This text includes a scam link in which the recipient is asked to enter their personal and payment details. 
  • “An item is waiting to be collected” – This includes another scam link. 
  • “Your Royal Mail parcel is waiting for delivery, please confirm a settlement of £2.99 via the following link” – Again, includes another scam link which requests the recipient to enter payment and personal details. Royal Mail will never request a payment this way. 
  • “Your courier was unable to deliver your parcel” – There is a notification number included in this text but also includes a scam confirmation link. 
  • “Your parcel is ready for collection” – This text includes a scam link also, which takes the recipient to a fake website ‘Royal-Mail-Cloud’ and asks for payment details.

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