Online Shopping Scams

In this article, Timeless IMS want to teach you how to notice online shopping scams and how to shop safely!

Internet and Website scams are different methodologies of Fraud, facilitated by cybercriminals on the Internet. Fraud can happen in so many ways- via phishing emails, social media, SMS messages, fake tech support phone calls, scareware, download links and a lot more. We all love a bit of retail therapy, but some criminals try to exploit online shoppers via different channels such as scam emails, texts and websites – all of which trick a lot more people than you’d think. Online shopping scams have cost shoppers a whopping £2.3 Billion over the last 12 months!

Well, how can I spot a dodgy website?

It is likely this new website is a scam if it has any of these signs:

  • Not many contact details on site
  • An odd web-address
  • Use of unusual payment methods (Cash apps/ wire transfers)
  • The deals seem too good to be true
  • 5-star reviews that are irrelevant to those products
  • Requests for strange and irrelevant detailed personal information (e.g. site asks for your mother’s maiden name or the name of your primary school)
  • Wording on the site is questionable and filled with typos

Is the offer too good to be true?
When you see exceptionally low prices with ridiculous discounts, you need to properly check the source and content of the offer. Just do not believe everything you read!

Never pay by bank transfer for an online purchase.
Alarm bells should ring if you are asked to pay for something via a Bank transfer online. You will lose any protection credit cards or other reputable payment methods give you.

If a link comes via text, chat, email etc.
Take the time to browse the website. Take a couple of minutes to double-check the site pages and links to make sure it is not a sham website.

Time to Checkout..
If the site is somewhat sophisticated and doesn’t take payments via wire transfers or cash apps, (which is a big no-no anyway!). Ensure there is a small padlock in the web address bar when inputting your card details. This means that the site is secure. If there is no padlock,  do not input your payment details.

Do your Research!
Make sure you research a new shopping site before buying.
Ways to do this can include:

  • asking family members or friends if they’ve used it,
  • researching the company online,
  • looking up reviews on other sites

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