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In this article, Timeless IMS want to teach you all about QR Codes. What they are, what they do and how to use them!

What is a QR Code?

QR codes (also known as “Quick Response Code”) have been around since their creation in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave. The original use of QR codes was to track vehicles during manufacturing. 

What are they used for?

QR codes are barcodes you point your phone camera at and you’ll be given a website or downloadable link (e.g. for a restaurant menu or a new app). The most popular use of QR codes today would be due to Covid-19. QR codes are currently used as a ‘touchless system’ in the world in order to reduce unnecessary contact to stop the spread of the virus. The newest use of QR codes are for individuals to ‘check in’ to public places. Due to Covid-19 a lot of venues (restaurants, theatres, etc.), use their Covid QR codes to monitor who is at an establishment and for how long. 

Examples of QR codes you may recognize include: 

  • Online menus in restaurants/hospitality industry, 
  • On television programmes so you can access specific websites with ease (e.g. ‘Good Morning Britain’ or ‘Dancing on Ice’) 
  • Checking in’ to establishments to aid with contact tracing (e.g., shops, clubs, theatres, etc.), 
  • On Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests, allowing you to report your test results to the government, 
  • In magazines/brochures/products/websites/etc. as advertising techniques
  • Used to send consumer to a specific webpage/video/social media account/etc. 

How to use a QR Code

In order to interact with a QR code, you must have a smartphone. 

Most smartphones have automatic QR code detection already built into their operating system. However, if your phone doesn’t have this – you are able to find an app on the app store – ensure it has positive reviews and is safe. 

To use a QR code, 

  • Step 1:
    Open your camera or QR code scanner app, 
  • Step 2:
    Point the camera at the QR code – ensuring the camera can see the whole code clearly, 
  • Step 3: 
    A notification should appear at the top of your screen which will lead you to the website the code is linked to.

Are QR Codes safe?

Unfortunately, not all QR codes are safe – this is because ANYONE can make one. So naturally, not all QR codes will have been made by trustworthy people…scammers are able to exploit this technology. 

It’s been found that some malicious QR codes end up downloading a file to your phone without your knowing and collect your personal data that will be sold on. 

An example of an untrustworthy QR code is an unmarked code at a bus stop, whereas a trustworthy QR code could be on a marked poster at a restaurant. 

Ensure you know the QR code has come from a reliable and trusted source before scanning. 

How Timeless can help YOU

At Timeless we work with clients who want to work with us on how technology can be used as an enabler within their business. There are plenty of client of technology and IT companies out there that follow the commodity service levels and there are also many company owners that see their IT needs as a commodity service, with no respect, value or appreciation for what technology can do for their business. 

 Some key headliners we tell our prospects. 

  • We support the technology of Home Workers (Entrepreneurs as well as Remote Workers for larger businesses.) 
  • We offer a service entitled “Tech: Friend Benefit” which we launched 7 years ago – long before the pandemic. 
    Squarely aimed at employers who want to support the technology of their employees at home as a benefit in kind and to the employer this creates a high level of employee retention. 
  • We provide a focused technology Roadmap to our clients to provide core technical support and services to enable our clients to focus on their specific technology needs. 
  • We want to educate our clients on why we use this roadmap and why connectivity (office and home), cloud services, Security (Data and CCTV) and valued technology support are so important to every business; Why technology is an enabler to every modern-day business. 
  • We want to work with clients that want to work with us, and we emphasize this is a two-way, proactive business relationship.
  • As part of our tech-fueled growth strategy with clients we aim to show them a notable ROI on the services we provide. 

Contact us Today to learn more about the managed security services we offer.

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