Important announcement from Microsoft

Important Announcement From Microsoft

Microsoft have recently announced that on the 13th June 2023, Windows 10 version ‘21H2’ will no longer receive any security updates. Meaning that any devices that run the Home or Pro editions of the ‘21H2’ update will become more vulnerable to security risks.  

But what does this mean?  

Your operating system, such as Windows, will often request to install updates once patches and fixes have been released from the developer, such as Microsoft. These fixes are often crucial in patching vulnerabilities and fixing dangerous bugs in the software that cyberattacks often take advantage of, making it harder for hackers to compromise your devices. By continuing to use an outdated operating system, you accept the multitude of risks associated, all of which can affect your security. Attackers who succeed in compromising your devices could potentially steal data, encrypt your files or prevent your device from working at all. However, most machines are programmed to complete these types of software updates automatically, but sometimes they’ll need a bit of help from the user, so you’ll need to keep an eye on your updates in case they are paused. 

Microsoft have suggested to avoid facing increased risks, machines running Home or Pro versions of ‘21H2’ would need to be updated so that they are running version ‘22H2’. While a simple fix, Windows 10 as a whole will reach the end of support on October 14th, 2025, making all computers and laptops with windows 10 or earlier vulnerable as they push out Windows 11. All windows operating systems such as Window 8.1/8 and Windows 7 are already out of full support and are at risk. 

As Windows 11 becomes Microsoft’s new and only supported operating system by 2025, all current PC’s will need to be updated to windows 11. However, most current PC’s cannot support windows 11 as it holds some extensive requirements to be able to run. This means that every computer will need to be replaced with a new model that holds the correct hardware to run the new operating system, a massive cost to many businesses. While the short notice from Microsoft has also been criticised, the environmental impact of forcing organisations to scrap their older machines and buy newer models has caused backlash against the developer.  

To see if you are eligible to install the update, follow these instructions: 

The 2H22 Update is available to users with devices running Windows 10, version 20H2 or later. 

If you would like to install the new release, open your Windows Update settings (Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update) and select Check for updates. Eligible devices may also be offered the option to choose to upgrade to Windows 11. If the update appears, you can simply select Download and install to get started. To check if your hardware is compatible with windows 11, Download the HealthCheck Tool here to run a compatibility scan. 

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